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Healthy tires are crucial as they directly impact the overall safety, performance, and efficiency of a vehicle.

To ensure tires remain healthy and perform optimally, regular maintenance is essential. This includes checking tire pressure, inspecting tread wear, replacing tires when they reach the end of their service life, and performing wheel alignment and tire rotation services.

Come to us for all of your tire and wheel service needs, including tire and wheel alignment.

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Tire balancing is important to increase the basic safety of your vehicle and extend the life of your tires. The certified technicians at our Atlanta area tires and wheels service shop are here to help with all of your tire balancing and tire service needs.

Tire balancing happens each time you replace your vehicle’s tires: since tires wear depending on road problems and driving practices, uneven wear can be visible after the initial 1,000-2,000 miles of use. It’s important to check your tires balance every 4,000-6,000 miles. Our certified technicians can assist in determining if your tires need to be balanced and rotated based on mileage and wear.

24-Month, Nation-Wide Warranty On Parts And Labor

24,000-mile, 24-month, nation-wide warranty on parts and labor

Tire Rotation & Inspection

Your vehicle’s weight is not distributed evenly to all four corners. If you leave all 4 tires just the way they are, some tires will eventually wear out faster than others. We know that a tire rotation is an essential part of making your tires last longer. The tire rotation process consists of moving your tires from front to back, moving them from one side of your vehicle to the other or a combination of both.

Tires need to be checked on a regular basis for damage, such as stones, nails or other sharp objects that may have penetrated the tire. That kind of damage can happen anywhere in the greater Atlanta area or beyond. They also need to be checked for bulges, tears or cuts that might be the result of contact with road hazards. If you have doubts about the condition of your tires, it’s best to have them inspected by our technicians. Our Metro Atlanta tires and wheels service shop is known for performing top-notch tire inspection services.

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