Service to Take you the Distance

Professional, trusted automotive solutions. Without all the fine print.

Blue Ridge Automotive is an automotive repair shop serving Chamblee and its surrounding neighborhoods. As a local Atlanta business, our customers are our neighbors, and we treat them as such: with respect, professionalism and approachability that feels like an old friend.

Our experienced technicians use premium equipment to provide honest, high-quality services ranging from oil changes to brake repairs to engine repairs for both Asian and domestic vehicles.

Transparency Worth Trusting

We believe that you deserve to know what you’re paying for (and why it’s necessary). After providing a detailed inspection and estimate, our service managers guide you through the entire process using data, photos, explanations – and even lifting the hood to show you the problem firsthand.

We take these extra steps to ensure you understand why we’re doing something and how it benefits your vehicle’s health long-term. With a 24,000-mile, 24-month, nation-wide warranty on parts and labor, we’re confident that our services will keep you rolling on the road to wherever you’re headed next.

Discover Our Process

With every vehicle that comes through our shop, we follow a five-step process:

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