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Service and Repair of Lexus Vehicles

Lexus, a subsidiary of the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota, is one of the top three luxury automakers in the world. The company name is derived from the surname of its founder, Eiji Toyoda. The brand name Lexus was possibly formed from the Latin luxus and the French luxe, meaning luxury. Or it may have been chosen by Toyota’s image consultants as a reduction of “Alexis” to distinguish it from a TV character on the 1980s primetime show “Dynasty.”

However the name came about, the intent was to convey a sense of elegance. The car has been marketed using slogans such as “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection” and “Experience Amazing.”

Blue Ridge Automotive invites Metro Atlanta Lexus owners to “experience amazing” and our version of “the relentless pursuit of perfection” in auto service. We couple our attentive, personal, and friendly service with expertise in your vehicle’s make and model. Our service will outclass anything you’ve encountered before. We’ll listen to your concerns, carefully examine your vehicle, and explain everything we propose to do and why. And we’ll do it with respect, transparency, and a friendly smile. That’s why so many of our clients come to us for all their scheduled maintenance as well as any unexpected issues that may arise with their cars.

Years of Experience

At Blue Ridge Automotive, our certified technicians care for your car and its driver. We send you back out on the road with the confidence of knowing that any work we’ve done was performed with your safety and your car’s value at the top of our minds and the tips of our fingers.

Since Blue Ridge took over in 2021, we’ve continued on with our well-earned reputation for excellence, honesty, and commitment to the greater Atlanta car-owning community that Optimum Auto Repair built since 2003. Our respect for that legacy is why so many Lexus owners continue to entrust their cars to us for maintenance and repair.

Driving a Lexus is an experience of luxury, performance, and style. At Blue Ridge Automotive, we’re committed to ensuring that your ride remains as impeccable as the day you bought it. As a trusted Lexus repair shop in the area, we understand the unique intricacies of your vehicle.

When you entrust your prized Lexus to our expert hands, you’ll find more than just repairs; you’ll discover a partnership. Our Lexus auto repair shop is backed by passionate technicians who are dedicated to restoring the elegance and performance of your car.

Blue Ridge isn’t just any Lexus repair shop; it’s where your Lexus finds its second home. Come on over and let us treat your vehicle the way only true Lexus enthusiasts can.

Call or stop in to schedule your service appointment, and put our service to the test today!