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Service and Repair of Ford Vehicles

Ford is one of the big three domestic automakers. The company name is derived from the surname of its founder, Henry Ford. The company and its founder’s name became known across the world. This company became famous for the invention of the assembly line—as well as for durable, reliable vehicles. That legacy has endured for more than a century. But you didn’t buy a Ford because of what happened 100 years ago—you invested in a Ford because these vehicles have proven themselves in the 21st century to provide quality that lasts.

At Blue Ridge Auto, our goal is also to provide quality service that lasts. You won’t pull out of our shop only to return a few weeks later with an ongoing problem. Instead, you’ll receive straightforward information about what we propose to do for your vehicle and why, with no sleight of hand or unexplained parts and labor. That’s why Ford owners all over the greater Atlanta area trust us with their Ford cars and trucks.

Years of Experience

Built on a foundation of friendly service that began in 2003, Blue Ridge Automotive provides meticulous, expert service and as much detailed information as our clients desire. Our professionals understand each vehicle’s needs and how to keep cars and trucks running smoothly for years and across tens of thousands of miles.

Ford owners have a habit of getting the maximum use from their vehicles, and we at Blue Ridge are here to help them do that. Ford owners in the Metro Atlanta area are confident that Blue Ridge Automotive can get their vehicle back into tip-top shape and on the road.

Ford vehicles have a long-standing reputation for durability and innovation. At Blue Ridge Automotive, we pride ourselves on being the Ford repair shop that can uphold and enhance that legacy. Whether you drive a powerful Mustang, a trusty F-150, or an adventurous Explorer, our Ford repair shop is equipped to offer top-tier services tailored just for your vehicle.

Stepping into our Ford auto repair shop, you’ll feel an immediate difference. It’s not just about nuts and bolts. It’s about a community of Ford enthusiasts dedicated to getting your vehicle running smoothly, mile after milestone. Choose Blue Ridge for an experience that champions the essence of the Ford brand.

You’ll be impressed when you call or stop in to schedule your service appointment—and you’ll be even more impressed by the results when you pick up your car!