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Our mission is simple: to squash the stigma of distrusted mechanics by providing a transparent and professional experience. Give us a chance to prove that to you.

Take advantage of our 24,000-mile, 24-month, nationwide warranty on parts & labor. Hold us accountable for our work.

Trusted Automotive Solutions

Located in the heart of Marietta, Blue Ridge Automotive stands out as a beacon of trustworthiness and professionalism in auto servicing in the Atlanta metro area. Our commitment goes beyond just fixing cars; it’s also about building long-lasting relationships with our customers, right here in Marietta, GA. 

Why Choose Our Auto Repair Shop in Marietta, GA?

  • Transparent Communication: We believe in the power of understanding. Therefore, before any work begins, we take the time to explain the “why” behind every procedure, ensuring you understand its long-term benefits for your vehicle. You’re never left in the dark at Blue Ridge.
  • Educating Our Customers: Our approach is simple. We aim to empower you with knowledge. Every visit is an opportunity for us to educate you about your vehicle, ensuring you’re making decisions from a place of insight and confidence, not pressure.
  • Unbeatable Warranty: Confidence in our work translates to our generous 24,000-mile, 24-month, nationwide warranty on parts and labor. We stand by our work, ensuring you have peace of mind no matter where the road takes you.
  • Dealership Professionalism Meets Friendly Service: At our auto repair shop in Marietta, GA, you get the best of both worlds. We operate with the finesse and expertise of a dealership, but when you walk through our doors, you’re not just another customer; you’re family. Experience the warmth of an old friend, coupled with top-tier service standards you won’t easily find elsewhere in the Atlanta area.

The Blue Ridge Difference

We know there’s no shortage of options when searching for a car repair shop in Marietta, GA. Yet our customers return to us, time and time again. It’s not just about the repairs we offer but the experience of being valued, understood, and cared for. Here at Blue Ridge, every customer is a testament to our dedication and commitment.

So, next time your vehicle needs attention, remember Blue Ridge Automotive. We’re where professionalism meets genuine care, right here in Marietta.

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Vehicle maintenance is extremely important and the easiest thing a vehicle owner can do is get the oil changed.

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Car Diagnostic Test Near Chamblee GA

Our certified technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment to service and repair your vehicles.

Engine Repair Chamblee GA

We use state-of-the-art scan tool equipment to perform engine diagnostics and repair.

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With every vehicle that comes through our shop, we follow a five-step process:

our work process is fast and easy

1. Complete Digital inspection

Our trusted technicians conduct a complimentary 48-point inspection to ensure automotive health from the start.

2. Maintenance Schedule Review

We check each vehicle’s maintenance schedule to remain proactive in our service.

3. Priority Diagnosis

Our team categorizes all concerns as red, yellow or green, only adding issues that are evidence-based.

4. Transparent Estimate

We provide an estimate of all repairs (both immediate and long-term) to allow customers the opportunity to plan ahead.

5. Get it repaired

Our expert technicans will begin work on the agreed upon services needed.

Current Special

Although we can diagnose and repair just about anything wrong with your vehicle, we aren’t in your car everyday like you are. That’s why we created this progressive savings coupon. No matter the service your vehicle needs, you get to save!

Auto Repair Service Chamblee GA


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