Steering and Suspension

The Importance of Steering & Suspension

Steering and suspension are critical components of a vehicle’s system that play a significant role in ensuring both the safety and overall health of the vehicle. They are responsible for controlling the vehicle’s movement, stability, and handling, and any issues with these systems can lead to numerous problems that can compromise the vehicle’s performance, safety, and longevity. Steering and suspension issues can impact safety, tire wear, ride comfort, component wear, and handling and performance.

Regular maintenance and timely steering and suspension service are essential to ensure the long-term health and safety of a vehicle.

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Common warning signs that indicate you’re in need of a steering and suspension service include the following:

  • Tires shake or wander
  • Problems while driving on uneven roadways or dips
  • Having difficulties when steering
  • Steering seems to be slipping
  • Vehicle is still bouncing after going over a bump

Diagnosing the Issue

Our expert technicians will also inspect your wheel balance and tire to see whether the problems are tire-related or not. Come to our auto repair shop and our team of professional technicians will take care of your steering and suspension repair needs.

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