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Service and Repair of Honda Vehicles

Honda is one of the top three automakers in Japan. The company name is derived from the surname of its founder, Soichiro Honda.  You own a Honda because you care about investing in quality.

Hondas have a well-deserved reputation for quality and reliable performance. Maintaining that quality and performance demands service that’s as attentive to detail and concerned with a reputation for excellence as the car maker. At Blue Ridge Automotive, our dedication to superior service extends to both you and your car.

Years of Experience

Blue Ridge Automotive purchased Optimum Auto Repair in 2021 and continued its legacy (stretching back to 2003) as a friendly, family-owned, and community-based business. Blue Ridge has maintained a reputation of trust and excellence with the Atlanta area Honda owners its Optimum predecessors earned, and we’re proud to provide the same level of care and transparency to our customers. We’ll always explain what we intend to do and why, so you fully understand what’s going on with your vehicle.

At Blue Ridge Automotive, we understand your Honda isn’t just a car—it’s a cherished member of your family. As your dedicated Honda repair shop, our team treats your vehicle with the precision and care that it deserves. Our Honda-certified technicians bring their vast expertise and passion to every service, ensuring your Honda remains in optimal condition.

When you’re seeking a Honda auto repair shop that stands above the rest, look no further. From regular maintenance check-ups to more intricate fixes, Blue Ridge promises efficiency, trustworthiness, and a friendly service that makes you feel at home.

Dive into the Blue Ridge experience and see why so many Metro Atlanta Honda owners trust us as their go-to repair shop. We’re not just a Honda repair shop; we’re Honda enthusiasts just like you.

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